News from Dr Amy Jackson-Moss and our Spay Campaign

Here are some of the lucky dogs that she has spayed, vaccinated, dewormed, and given tick and flea treatment – and sent home to grateful owners in the eNkanini Informal Settlement (even with a bag of food).

This whole process results in a bit more education about pet care, and an intervention into the ongoing cycle of unwanted puppies that end up being starving strays. Many dog owners in informal settlements care deeply for their dogs, but just do not have the resources to give them the veterinary care they need. That’s why our Spay Campaign is so important
Amy has many more dogs lined up for spaying – we’ll be reporting back! Thanks Amy! You’re making such a difference! And thank you to all those who have donated to this project. Please don’t stop! ??
(Amy has permission from these dog owners to distribute photos of them and their dogs.)

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