Into The Light

…and off they go!

…and it is done! “Into the light” is what they yelled as they entered the icy water to swim a length in Grey Dam at 7am this morning – those brave/mad people who welcomed the Winter Solstice at the Polar Plunge! ?‍♂️

Thank you to all of you who came along to swim, or support the swimmers, and thank you especially for the donations of blankets and warm clothing.
New President of the Grahamstown Sunset Rotary Club welcomed the swimmers to the 19th Polar Plunge to be held at Grey Dam, before the founder of the event, George Euvrard started the Plunge with the words, “…into the light!” – welcoming the coming longer days and shorter nights.
And minutes later, they emerged to be wrapped in towels and to collect hot chocolate ☕️ from the smiling PG Glass ladies (Shattercat didn’t make it – too early, and he says he can’t swim!).
Thank you to the Guardmed paramedics who were on hand for any emergencies – there were none! ? Thank you to Craig Fourie for cutting the grass around the dam yesterday, to the Rotarians who picked up ten garbage bags of rubbish from the dam edges, the PG ladies for the hot chocolate – and most importantly, to all the swimmers who came to support the Polar Plunge, bringing donations of blankets and clothing. Special mention must be made of Richard Pote, who drove up from Kenton to do his 6th Plunge. It was great to be a part of this – I’m not sure I’m convinced that I’ll swim next year – but …”into the light”, and bring on the summer days!
Well done, guys – some of the first swimmers to emerge from the waters.
A crisp and clear morning at Grey Dam
Robyn Cooper, new President of the Rotary Club of Grahamstown Sunset welcomes the swimmers to the 2022 Polar Plunge
Founder of the Polar Plunge, George Euvrard explains the significance of celebrating the Winter Solstice just before the swimmers hit the icy waters – …”into the light!”.
Hot chocolate to warm up the brave swimmers.
These chaps were champions!
The Marechal family, Luc – who swam after practising for the last two weeks, his grandson Devon and daughter Lois – who came to support him.
Hot chocolate all round!
George Euvrard – found of the Polar Plunge event, Robyn Cooper from the Rotary Club of Grahamstown Sunset and Tim Dold from PG Glass, and also a Rotarian.
Brave girls – big smiles after their swim!
Tim Dold with Richard Pote, who drove up from Kenton to do the Polar Plunge!
The hot chocolate angels from PG Glass – thanks ladies!!
The Guardmed angels – on standby for any emergencies. Thankfully there were none.

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