February is World Spay and Neuter Awareness Month

A time in which we raise awareness of the spaying and neutering of pets and stray animals so that ultimately, it is not necessary to euthanize millions of otherwise healthy animals because they do not have homes where they are cared for.

The Rotary Club of Grahamstown Sunset is very excited to announce the launch of our Makana Vet Clinic Spay Campaign which coincides with International Spay Day today, 22 February 2022 and the Awareness month. We have partnered with GBS Mutual Bank to run this campaign which aims to spay 250 dogs and cats in our community. To kick us off, GBS has generously donated R50 000. We are calling on you, your friends and family to contribute to this worthy cause. We are working closely with Dr Amy Jackson-Moss and the Makana Vet Clinic. Please share this link with those who hold animals close to their hearts: https://grahamstownsunsetrotary.org/makana-vet-clinic…/
Help us to help the animals. Spay it forward!

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