Makana Vet Clinic Spay Campaign
Makana Vet Clinic Spay Campaign Update

Our Spay it Forward Campaign in action!

Makana Vet Clinic Hits the 40 Spay Mark

How wonderful is this? Our Spay Campaign is long not over, and we need to appeal again to the public and friends and family to donate to the campaign.

How to help the 15 puppies rescued from the Grahamstown/Makhanda rubbish dump

While these little puppies are now in the world and we need to help them find homes and keep them fed – this just proves how important it is that Spay it Forward Campaign is.

News from Dr Amy Jackson-Moss and our Spay Campaign

Here are some of the lucky dogs that she has spayed, vaccinated, dewormed, and given tick and flea treatment – and sent home to grateful owners in the eNkanini Informal Settlement (even with a bag of food).